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Is your church interested in hosting an Intern?

Many students desire valuable intercultural ministry experiences in a team setting. Students come from a variety of programmes and are looking for placements in established churches that will help them apply and challenge their academic learning through:

  • Pastoral Care Ministry
  • Children’s / Youth / Young Adults Ministries
  • Worship / Media Ministries
  • Community Development Ministries

Host churches must be able to provide:

  • A full-time Pastor to supervise the intern.
  • Weekly review meetings with the Pastoral supervisor.
  • Board and lodgings for the duration of the internship.
  • A small stipend to cover necessary living expenses.
  • Local travel assistance (e.g. lifts, a pushbike, or a car) once the intern is in Australia.
  • A suitable desk, office space and Internet access.
  • Time and assistance to help the intern complete academic studies
  • Opportunities for the intern to develop their existing knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • A variety of relevant, meaningful and practical ministry experiences and tasks.
  • Opportunities to experience Australia and its culture.

Interns will be expected to:

  • Arrange their travel, visas and insurance.
  • Commit fully to the internship placement.
  • Commit their internship to the Lord in prayer, maintaining a healthy spiritual life throughout.
  • Provide feedback on how their placement can be improved throughout the experience.
  • Agree with, and support the Wesleyan Methodist Church of Australia and its beliefs.
  • Be aware of, and be sensitive to, cultural differences


Apply here to host an intern: (link to ministry profile form or contact for more information.

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