English Mentor Solomon Islands

Immediate Start

Term: 6-24 months

Position Brief

Noro Training Centre (NTC) offers training course programs in Theological Education, Vocational Skills Education, Denominational support and Community Development. Since all the courses are delivered in English, it has been identified that students are having difficulties in understanding and learning English language in their training and lack the confidence in using it in their listening, speaking, reading and writing.

NTC seeks the support of an English Language Instructor Mentor to support their students and teachers to increase their confidence in teaching and learning of the English language and who has the experience in teaching English as a second language. With the support provided by the volunteer, the students will be able to understand that it is also pathway to effectively learning a trade, obtaining a professional qualification and support their entrepreneurial opportunities.


  • Support the establishment of an English Learning Service for adults and youth.
  • Assist with the establishment of a children’s school that provides comprehensive education in conjunction with the Provincial Government, as the education authority.
  • To include all people directly affected by the volunteer assignment in the Partner Organisation and community, using strategies that promote: gender equality; inclusion of youth; inclusion of people with a disability; child protection and safeguarding; inclusion of marginalised groups

Duties and Responsibilities of the Volunteer

  • Assist with the establishment of a protocol for effectively liaising and engaging local entities to support their programs.
  • Develop a strategy plan with relevant resources to support their vision of and mission of the centre
  • Provide support to their on going activities required in meeting their goals set out for an effective implementation of their programs
  • Assist with staff and students with their English language development programs

Selection Criteria

  • Relevant qualifications in Education, Literacy and English Language.
  • Minimum of 5 years of teaching English as a second language to youths and adults
  • Experience working and teaching in a vocational school setting
  • Previous experience in consulting with stakeholders and facilitating the work of others to achieve an agreed outcome

Desirable Attributes

  • Capacity to work as a team and build the skills of his/her colleagues.
  • Understand a faith based organisation and their values
  • Ability to cope with cultural isolation and a different standard of living


The Australian Volunteers Program supports volunteers from preparing to go on assignment through to returning home. This includes a monthly living allowance of $1800 payable directly to the volunteer from the Program, and an accommodation allowance of up to $2500 payable locally. Along with any travel, COVID Quarantine costs etc. Full details can be found here: Lifestyle and support — The Australian Volunteers Program


The Wesleyan Methodist Church of Solomon Islands (WMCSI) was established in 1997 and is supported by the Wesleyan Methodist Church of Australia. Through the vehicle and resource of a recognised Church denomination, WMCSI seeks to partner with like-minded organisations to transform communities such that each individual is empowered to embrace all aspects of human flourishing and positively contribute to the lives of others as they find within themselves much that is of value.

The goal is to improve the quality of education by ensuring the learning of English is part of the curriculum. The main activity of the centre includes – Theological Education, Vocational Skills Education, Denominational support and Community Development.

In 2015, Noro Training Centre became an entity with a 50 year lease agreement on the site from the Solomon Islands Government with staff housing, classrooms and students accommodation. Students come from all over Solomon Islands to study at the centre. Other beneficiaries include nearby communities, including over 2000 people employed by SolTuna, the largest tuna manufacturer in Solomon Islands, and based in Noro. So far 102 students who passed through the Noro Training Centre.

Learn more about Australian Volunteers program in the Solomons here. Volunteering in Solomon Islands — The Australian Volunteers Program

See more about the Wesleyan Church in the Solomons here: www.wwm.org.au

To apply or express your interest please email wwm@wwm.org.au

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