Privacy Policy                                         

Wesleyan Methodist Church of Australia

The Wesleyan Methodist Church sees the privacy and security of our people’s personal information as important.  Also the government legislation and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) from 12 March 2014, inform our actions.  

In this policy, “personal information” is any information that can be used to personally identify you.

We collect information about the leaders and members of the church and from others who have regular contact with our church in connection with our activities.

The following sections describe what we collect, how it is collected, how the information is used and how you can access and correct the information about you.

Scope of this policy

This policy applies to

  • All ministries and activities of the Wesleyan Methodist Church of Australia in all States and Territories
  • Any organisations or services that are managed by a Board or Committee of the Wesleyan Methodist Church of Australia
  • Each level of the denominational structure – Local Church, District and National Church
  • All personal information of all individuals with whom we interact
  • This policy applies in addition to a privacy policy of a Denominational Service – at National, District or the Local Church.  If an inconsistency occurs between this policy and any other body within the Wesleyan Methodist Church of Australia, this policy prevails.

The kinds of information we collect and hold

We may collect the following personal information

  • Name
  • Home address
  • Email address
  • Telephone and mobile number
  • Birthdate and gender
  • Occupation
  • Family information
  • Areas in which you serve or are willing to serve in the church at Local, District or National levels
  • Details of your involvement in church activities or your interest in particular activities
  • Working With Children Check details or other Screening Process details
  • Information in identification documents
  • Employees visa, work permit, bank and superannuation details
  • Educational qualifications and skills, ministerial credential
  • Assessments of suitability for ministry
  • Professional development and training completed
  • Other information you provide for us

 How we collect and hold information

Where practical, we collect your personal information

  • Directly from you, but also from
  • Information in District Directories
  • Government Registers e.g. Authorised Marriage Celebrants, Register of Approved Teachers
  • Government Agencies that enable the church to fulfil its goals and responsibilities  e.g. a person’s status in relation to the State’s Working With Children monitoring program

The purposes for which the church collects, holds, uses and discloses personal information

As we focus on the mission of the church, the purpose is

  • To support your participation
  • To communicate with you and keep your details up to date
  • To record your participation in a ministry as a leader or helper
  • To promote the safety of all people engaged in our activities
  • To undertake administrative functions
  • To conduct surveys
  • To manage complaints
  • To demonstrate our regulatory compliance in areas such as child protection, risk management, protection of vulnerable adults
  • To meet any legislative or denominational requirement

Your information is kept securely as

  • Electronic files
  • Paper files

Your personal information may be used and disclosed to

  • Employees and leaders in the church who need to know information to support your involvement and safety in church activities
  • The District Board of Administration who may need to contact you regarding District participation or other specific matters
  • The National Board of Administration who seek to maintain and demonstrate a diligent approach to compliance requirements
  • Authorities that require the maintenance of records such as Employment Records, Leader and Volunteer Records, Working With Children Records

How you may access and correct your personal information

As the accuracy and reliability of the information we hold is beneficial to support you and your participation in the church, you may

  • Request access to any personal information by contacting the relevant level of the denominational structure
    • Church Administrator or Local Church Pastor, 
    • the District Secretary or District Superintendent
    • the National Secretary or National Compliance Manager
  • Request a change or update to your personal information
  • Request an amendment or an inclusion stating that you disagree with recorded information
  • Be charged an administrative fee for the collation and reproduction of records

How you may complain about a breach of the Privacy Principles

If you believe that a Privacy Principle has been breached in relation to your personal information, you may 

  • Contact the relevant Local/District/National person with the details of the breach who will confirm with you what action will be taken.  If an investigation is conducted, an outcome will be proposed and you will be invited to respond to our conclusions.  We will consider your response and if you are still unsatisfied with our response, we will advise about further options including, if appropriate, a requested review by the Privacy Commissioner.

Disclosure of information to overseas recipients

       We do not disclose personal information to overseas recipients outside of our denomination.