Over the next decade, with the support of Wesleyan World Missions Australia it is planned to create a self funding, sustainable centre on Noro that will impact more than just the church, but the local community, the nation and in fact the Pacific Region. This will be through: development of business projects to create income for the centre, local community development projects in conjunction with World Hope Australia, a local Christian School on site and of course the Theological and Leadership Training Centre under the initial oversight of newly appointed Australian Career Missionary Rev. David Collins. We can all play a part in supporting this vital project.


From the start, the Noro Training Centre has been developed in a such a way as to be low cost, low maintenance and from sustainable materials.

• Timber is being sourced and milled  locally
• Solar power – tapping into the tropical sun
• Rain water tanks
• Furniture where possible made on site with local materials


Ensuring the Centre is not forever reliant on outside funding is a crucial part of the decadal plan. These are some of the current concepts to help with this plan.

The first project will be a sawmill on site. This has already paid for itself and has provided the timber for the buildings completed to date. In the future it will provide a source of long term income for the Training Centre plus employment and training for local young men.

Noro town has a Tuna factory that employs almost 2000 women. Offering evening classes to support the needs and desires of these workers at a personal and professional level, increasing skills in literacy, computers, sewing and more will also provide an ongoing income stream for the Centre and again provide employment and training opportunities.

Being a rapidly developing port town, the opportunity to even create a boutique export product is also within the realms of possibility.

In time it is hoped that local and overseas businesses will work in conjunction with the Noro Training Centre to create mutually beneficial opportunities.


The Solomon Islands Wesleyan Methodist Church has over 40 churches and 2000 members.
For 15 years intensive Ministerial Development courses have taken place in Local Churches
with over 100 people attending courses in 2015 alone.

Having a centralised Training Centre will ensure that the level of Theological Education is raised whilst those who graduate
will continue with the grass roots training and outreach.


It is planned for the Noro Training Centre to be accredited making it the only accredited
Theological College in all of the Solomon Islands.

Uniquely situated at the opposite end of Solomon Islands to the Capital City of Honiara, it will allow for a far broader appeal
than just the Wesleyan Methodist Church of the Solomon Islands.


  • Prayer partners are needed
  • Support partners are needed
  • Donations are needed
  • Come and help in the on site opractical development
  • Email project@norotraining.org to find out more


To make a donation choose an item below, enter your donation amount then click the ‘Donate’ button. You do not need a Paypal account to make a donation – click the link near “Don’t have a Paypal account.”

Richard Soto has been selected by the National Church of the Solomon Islands to complete his BTh at CLTC in PNG. The combined efforts of the SI and Australian Churches in supporting his family as they move to PNG in 2017 and 2018 to complete his studies will ensure that Richard can help with the training of leaders in the Solomons in the years ahead.

Imagine lying in your hammock…

watching the beautiful sunsets over the still waters of the Noro Lagoon. The Noro Villa will be a great way to help the church and community in the Solomons, AND you have a great tropical island holiday opportunity for the next five years.

$2750 for 10 weeks Accommodation (<$40 per night!)

Activities & Facilities

  • Great snorkeling and diving in the area.
  • Amazing WW2 relics within 15 mins walk
  • Just 2km to town with local market, a couple of restaurants and grocery shops
  • Mobile phone coverage
  • 2 Bedrooms, shower under the stars (no roof on shower!), basic kitchen, laundry, TV
  • Fans in each room
  • Prepared meals can be provided
  • Car available for hire
  • Day boat trips to idyllic islands for snorkeling and swimming
  • Opportunity to meet local community leaders
  • Or simply relax on the deck and catch up on your resting and reading!

Benefits to the local community

  • The Villa will be a great income earner for the Training Centre at Noro
  • PLUS it will provide great training opportunities and employment in hospitality.
  • For the times that the Villa is not booked for those that ‘buy in’ ahead of time it will be rented out on AirBNB for $150-$200 per night, making this opportunity excellent value
  • Construction will be of locally sourced materials and will be solar powered ensuring long term sustainability

More Details

Pay $2750 up front for your holiday accommodation. Then for each year over the next five years you can book 2 weeks free accommodation during off peak time, (or 1 week during peak periods) in the Noro Villa!

Here is some things you may want to know…

  • When the first ten people have registered and the local council signs off on the use of the foreshore* building will commence
  • Completion of the first villa is expected by the end of 2019. So bookings can begin from 2020 through to 2024
  • If you don’t use your accommodation in any year, unused periods do not accumulate (use it or lose it)
  • Currently airfares from Brisbane to Honiara (3 hours) then internally to Munda (1 hour then 30 mins drive to Noro) are approx $1200 off peak. However it has been advertised by Solomon Air that they will commence direct Brisbane to Munda flights within 12 months, this will mean it will be only 3 hours and maybe $800 for return flights

*Funds will be held in trust by WWM until final sign off on the use of the foreshore from the local council is obtained, then building will commence. In the event that use of the foreshore is not granted then payments received will be refunded, less a $100 administration fee.