Together with Wesleyan World Missions we are working towards a self funding, sustainable centre that will impact more than just the church, but the local community, the nation and in fact the Pacific Region. This will be through development of business projects to create income for the centre, local community development projects in conjunction with local Govt and NGO’s. It is also hoped that a local Kindergarten and Christian School can be started on site.

The Theological and Leadership Training Centre under the direction of Australian Career Missionary Rev. David Collins continues to make ground and influence the Christian Community.


From the start, the Noro Training Centre has been developed in a such a way as to be low cost, low maintenance and from local sustainable materials where possible

• Timber is being sourced and milled locally

• Off Grid Solar/Battery power – tapping into the tropical sun- with generator as back up

• Rain water tanks with header tanks, reducing power load at night.

• Furniture where possible sourced locally


Ensuring the Centre is not forever reliant solely on outside funding is a crucial part of the long term plan. We are actively seeking ways to use local ‘assets’ to make this happen. Here are some of the current options under consideration.
Kindergarten for local children is much sought after.

  • Evening Classes for the over 2000 women employed in the Local Tuna Factory
  • Boutique businesses, Honey, Chicken/Egg farm
  • Boutique manufacturing utilising the resources available
  • In time it is hoped that local and overseas businesses will work in conjunction with the Noro Training Centre to create mutually beneficial opportunities.


The Solomon Islands Wesleyan Methodist Church has over 40 churches and 2000 members.
Initially intensive Ministerial Development courses were held regionally in Local Churches.

The centralised Noro Training Centre now ensures that the level of Theological Education is raised whilst those who graduate will continue with the grass roots training and outreach.


Noro Training Centre now offers online accredited courses through Kingsley College.

We are excited for the broader appeal that the Training Centre has beyond just the
Wesleyan Methodist Church of the Solomon Islands.


  • Support partners needed
  • Prayer partners needed
  • Practical help on site is needed- your skills for a month or more!
  • Email wwm @ for more information.


There are many specific ways to support the Training Centre, Select the item that interests you. 

Help with maintenance
and infrastructure

Help empower local leaders

Help with leadership development

This will be used where a need is urgent