Keeping Christmas

“I will honour Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year.”  (Charles Dickens)

Last weekend, my local church at Noro watched the movie, “A Christmas Carol”.  And while the Charles Dickens’ story is set in another period and place to today in the Solomons, the tale has a timeless and universal appeal given its lesson on giving to others.

So, it has me thinking about how I can give to others this Christmas, though I’m unable to physically return to Australia this year.  Surely, God desires we love well all those with whom we can meet face to face, even though we’re separated by distance and disease from others, who are also dear to us.

Over the Christmas period, with classes in recess, I’ll have the chance to meet up with different ones, likely on four different islands.  Apart from occasional weather conditions, it’s easy to travel within the Solomons, despite the closed international borders.

But I’m grateful given modern technology and the recent roll out of improved internet infrastructure across this country that I can readily catch up with people across the globe.  Despite the pandemic, many good things are happening in our world as I write these words.  For that and much more, I’m grateful!

To everyone reading these words of mine, my prayer is that you will cherish those with you for Christmas this year.  They are God’s blessing to you and you to them!  And let Christmas become a catalyst for another year of giving as we all enter it as ongoing recipients of God’s grace, revealed to us in the Christchild.

David Collins

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