Finish What Was Started

Finishing What Was Started last year. The first half of new staff accommodation was completed by a work team from Yeppoon at the Training Centre in Noro, Solomon Islands.  This has just become the new house for David Collins and the Mosses when they are on site.

With the expected appointment of an Australian Volunteer International English teacher some time later in 2020, the rest of this building needs to be completed asap.

Noro building Funds have come to an end with the first half’s completion, plus the upgrading of septic system, new tanks and the significant upgrade to tropical grade solar batteries with a 15 year warranty (this was over $12,000).

Not only will the remaining section comprising of two units, provide accommodation for the English Teacher, it is hoped the second unit will provide a rental income for the site. This will either be long term residential rental by a local business or short term tourist accommodation. Either of these outcomes will assist with the running costs of the site and provide a step forward in making the site more self sustaining.

$22,000 will provide what is needed to complete the building of the two units (if only we could do that in Australia!).  This appeal is to Wesleyan’s and Friends that can help fulfil this next step in the development of the Training Centre. Email Donations can be made online here

We are also seeking volunteers to come and help build as funds become available. If you have tradie skills and can help with this practical aspect, we also want to talk to you! email or call Dallas Thomas on 0424223333

Picture of half completed building
unfinished floor