Making work easier

There has been some excitement at the Training Centre , with the arrival of cargo from Australia, including a ride on mower and a concrete block making machine.  These two will be very useful on site.  The mowing that used to take 2 days, is now done in a few hours, and we can now make our own concrete blocks on site (which we need a lot of) as we continue to expand the site, local made blocks of very poor quality.  In the future we may be able to produce blocks for sale which will create jobs and income.

Every Saturday morning, for 2 hours, everyone on site has to help with site clean up. Including sweeping the building out, gathering rubbish, mowing and weeding.   There is a sense of pride developing with the residence, when we have visitors and they comment, this place is so nice and clean, one man said, this is the nicest place in Noro.

There is about 20 people living on site, which includes adults and children, plus at the moment  6 students.  We are just like a large extended family.  Sometimes you need to be a father figure, other times a diplomat, other times a brother or sister and sit down and listen, but for Elaine and I it has been a life changing experience.