Return to Solomons

As I write this, I’m awaiting word from the Solomon Islands Government regarding my application to return to the Solomons.  With the borders between Australia and all other countries currently closed for visitor travel, my only option at present is to catch one of the occasional repatriation flights that trek between Brisbane and the Solomons, which are only open to citizens and those with residency visas like myself, who have also been approved to fly.

Getting permission from the Solomon Islands Government, however, is just the start.  I should easily get consent from the Australian Government to leave, as soon as I have authorisation to enter the Solomons.  But once I take the flight, having previously undertaken the COVID-19 testing, I’ll need to fund two weeks quarantine in a 5 Star Hotel in the capital, before being allowed to board a domestic flight to Noro, where I live.

So, I would appreciate your prayers as I negotiate a path for return to the field, as soon as I can after Christmas.  Many have already done this, but I have a number of hurdles ahead of me!

David Collins



For any questions  please make contact or call Dallas Thomas on 0424223333

Plane over ocean
David Collins Byron